The original
gypsy tango band
© 2012 ZUM

The Original Gypsy Tango Band

It seems as if everyone has heard of Gypsy Tango these days, so it is easy to forget that this extremely popular genre did not exist until ZUM created it in the early years of this millennium.

If you want to check out the first - and best - Gypsy Tango band this is the place to be.
Why is it so good? The incredible virtuosity and improvisation skills of Adam Summerhayes and David Gordon, combined with their remarkable writing talents are a good start. Link that to the imaginative powerhouse provided by Chris Grist and the impeccable sense of style from Eddie Hession and Richard Pryce and something really special emerges … an alchemy that creates much more than the sum of its parts ...

ZUM first stormed the UK in 2001 with full houses throughout the country in a tour that culminated with two sell-outs in one day at the South Bank centre.
fiery, passionate and intriguingly beautiful … A delight to hear and a treat to watch

Here is how it all began:
… probably the first ever combined gypsy/tango piece ...
and a couple of crackers from the early days.